What We Do

We offer a wide range of ancillary machines for flexo printing with the goal to control the total workflow of printing sleeves

Plate Mounters

The most innovative and complete plate mounters on the market suitable for printing sleeves and cylinders.

We offer a complete range of mounters designed for corrugated card-boards industry.

Cliché cleanersThe exceptional cleaning quality that distinguishes the new machine is the result of the combination of two technologies: rotating brushes and traditional horizontal brushes with alternating motion.

Anilox Laser Cleaning

The power of laser beam removes all types of dirts, such as inks and coatings.

Laser cleaning is the most sustainable cleaning technology method, since it doesn’t require any water, chemicals or granulates.

Additionally, Sleeve storages, Autotapers, Retrofit Kits for Flexo machines and other accessories.

Visit https://www.systec-electronic.com/en/ to download the company’s product catalogues. For further info please contact us at 210 60 33 206/207.