Company VAXEVANIDIS DIMITRIS & SIA OE is representing companies manufacturing machinery and consumables for the Graphic Arts Industry and is successfully active with consistency since 1989.

Starting with the name VAXEVANIDIS DIMITRIS with founder Mr. Vaxevanidis Dimitris, and since 2006 after the retirement of Mr. Dimitris Vaxevanidis, the company moves on with the name VAXEVANIDIS DIMITRIS & SIA O.E. and new management, Mr. Christos Vaxevanidis and Ms. Katerina Vaxevanidou.

Having accomplished a remarkable number of installed machinery in Greece, with satisfied customers, supporting technically and consulting in any move, the company remains an efficient supplier for all big companies in Greece (printed matter, magazine, newspaper, packaging, flexible packaging and also banknotes in Greece).

Company VAXEVANIDIS DIMITRIS & SIA O.E., is representing in Greece, manufacturers based in Europe that build top quality machinery for printing, folding, bookbinding and any other application inside the Graphic Arts Industry.

The goal of the company is to represent large manufacturers from the printing and paper processing industry in Greece, having as its motto the respect of the customer and the manufacturer. Today, sixteen years later, the company believes that the original goal has been achieved. Having that in mind, and taking into consideration the market position of the company, management believes it is time to set new, additional goals. Thus, the modernization of the company, the implementation of technological innovations and the constant training of the staff have been promoted in the agenda of the company, maintaining as primary goal the highest quality of service to the customer in the shortest time possible, while keeping intact the ethical values set by the founder.