Tech-ni-fold Ltd. is the global leader in creasing technology. This is our promise.

Before we reveal Tech-ni-Fold’s innovation let us review the traditional metal scoring system. Do your folding machines still use this method? The design was developed to weaken the fibres to make folding easier. That is the theory. Let us turn the sheet over to have a better view.

The hard metal score pushes the fibres from the inside creating a ‘V’ shape. But the steel is too harsh for the material and fibres are often damaged. We understand the theory, but we know what happens in practice: cracking.

As the folding process starts the fibres split and cracking becomes more evident. It is a familiar sight that ends with lost production and dissatisfied customers. Are you tired of making excuses for poor finishing?

There is now another way. There is the Tech-ni-Fold way. Forget the old theory. We are practiced at finding solutions to creasing problems.
We have developed the special patented rubber crease technology. The soft Tech-ni-Fold creasing application gently manipulates the fibres from the top producing the ‘U’ shaped groove. The groove does not damage the fibres.

Tech-ni-Fold uses a simple colour-coding system for ease of operation that forms the perfect crease. Fibres are manipulated and stretched, not weakened and prone to splitting at the folding stage.

Our animation enables us to slow the production process down to give you a unique perspective on how our rubber crease technology works. The Tech-ni-Fold creasers will keep pace with the speed of your production runs.

The three colour-coded creasing inserts are available for light, medium and heavy stock materials. There is a choice of up to eight crease permutations to deal with any stock changes that run through your folding or creasing machine. Changing from one crease permutation to another takes only seconds.Remember that our patented Tech-ni-Fold design has only manipulated and stretched the fibres; the rubber creasing rib has not damaged them. This ensures that when the sheet is folded there is no cracking. Your company can now finish in-house, confident of customer satisfaction.

The patented Tech-ni-Fold creasers are the only rotary creasing devices that totally eliminate fibre-cracking. Our ground-breaking technology will transform your business. That is not an empty promise. We offer a full refund within three months of purchase if you are not completely satisfied with any of the Tech-ni-Fold range. We believe in our designs. We want you to believe in Tech-ni-Fold innovation.

Visit the official website of Technifold to download the company’s product catalogues. For further info please contact us at 210 60 33 206/207.